In honor of the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, to increase our knowledge, and to increase familiarity of with our hymns, we will have a Book of the Month, along with a Hymn of the Month.
The April Book of the Month is: Being Lutheran by Rev. A. Trevor Sutton. Being Lutheran addresses what it means to be a Christian in today’s multi-cultural, post modern world and what Lutheran theology has to offer the world.  The book is divided into two parts.  The first part deals with the challenges to the Christian faith while the second part deals with what we cherish as Lutherans.  Each chapter is followed by a vignette that illustrates the main point of the chapter and a list of discussion questions.  Being Lutheran is published by Concordia Publishing
House.  It is available on the CPH website for $12.99 (paperback) and on Amazon for $9.89 (paperback) and $9.40 (Kindle Edition).
The April Hymn of the Month is another modern hymn by Steven Starke.  It is the Easter Hymn #462 “All the Earth With Joy is Sounding”.  The central focus of the hymn is the comparison of “the sign of Jonah” and how it points to Jesus’ resurrection.