Supporting the Sanctity of Life
The words - "Saved my baby’s life" - are at the top of a Facebook post … written by a young woman who had gone to Planned Parenthood in Waco, Texas for an abortion.
"When I got there," she wrote, "I saw people standing and praying." When she went inside, "I was told I had to pay for an ultrasound and I didn't have any money."
With that, the young woman left Planned Parenthood - in tears.
"That's when a man on the sidewalk asked me to come talk to him and to pray," she said. "He was so nice and introduced me to a nurse from CareNet (A compassionate care service for women facing crisis pregnancy). I didn't have a ride and the nurse offered to take me to CareNet to get an ultrasound and to talk about my decision."
That ultrasound was literally a life-saver. "When they did my ultrasound, my baby was dancing!" she said. (Research has shown, that when a woman sees an ultrasound of her baby, she is far more likely to choose life for her child.)
"I am so happy that I get to have my baby and build a life for us," the young woman added. "Thank you to the people on the sidewalk who prayed and talked to me. You saved my baby!"
Stories like the above might give us all the courage to “be not afraid” and ask God to direct our paths. All are encouraged to take action through prayer and loving support for women who are experiencing the challenges of a crisis pregnancy.

Peace and health in Christ,   Marcia L. Isherwood, RN, BSN    
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