Cancellation Notice: “Open Door Nurse” visits will be unavailable on the following upcoming Tuesdays of July 25 and August 8th.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  Please notify the church office (414-481-0520) if you have a need on either of those dates, and our parish nurse will call you to arrange an alternate appointment time.

Journey to Wholeness: Social Well-Being    4th in a series
We were created by God to be social beings, living in community and instructed to help and love each other.  Last week’s bulletin revealed ways we may close ourselves off to social well-being.  On a positive note, here are ways to improve or enhance our well-being:
Ways To Open Ourselves More Fully to Improve Social Well-Being
· Give the other person your full time and attention
· Be generous
· Practice love and compassion at every opportunity
· Learn and practice the skills of good friendship
· Recognize the importance of balance in your life-make room for personal  solitude
· Spiritual care and enrichment-make time for God in your life Take some time for personal reflections and think of more ways you may either close yourself off or open yourself to social well-being?
St. John to Host Community Blood Drive at Cudahy Library
Save the date: Tuesday, August 22, 2017, 12:30pm to 5:30pm
It’s our turn to promote, recruit donors and host hospitality for the next Cudahy Community Blood Drive.  Volunteers are needed to help plan and serve hospitality during the drive, as well as to distribute flyers and posters throughout the surrounding community.  If you can help, please contact Marcia through the church office at 414-481-0520 or by email to:

Peace and health in Christ,   Marcia L. Isherwood, RN, BSN    
Aurora Parish Nurse in Partnership with St. John Lutheran/Cudahy   
Ofc: M-W-F 414-288-5288   Ofc: Tu-Th 414-481-0520