Sunday, July 30 at the Croation Park-9140 S 76
th St Franklin WI
Begins at 11:00am - Free admission
Hot food, plenty of tables and benches (no grills allowed) Slovak/Czech handmade glass ornaments, jewelry, crafts and artifacts.


Everyone Can Be a Prayer Shawl Minister
Do you know someone who is going through a life crisis?  It may be illness, or a divorce, or loss of a family member.  You are encouraged to utilize our faithfully made prayer shawls as a quiet witness of your prayer and care for this person known to you.  Please check the prayer shawl display in the entry hall for more information.  Everyone can be a prayer shawl minister!
We hope to bring new life to this ministry and will most certainly welcome donations of newly made prayer shawls.  For more information on making and/or donating prayer shawls, please contact Marcia through the church office at 414-481-0520. 

We know everyone probably has a Bible in their home...but do you have a
Concordia Study Bible?  It is a reference Bible that combines the popular New International Version with extensive same-page study notes that emphasize distinctive Lutheran teachings.  This Bible normally costs $45-$50.  We have eight Bibles on sale for only $25.  These Bibles are on the counter in the church office. Make checks payable to “St. John Lutheran Church”.

COOKBOOKS Available!
Cookbooks, which include tried and true recipes from your fellow members, are still available to purchase.  Who do you know that could use one?   And what about you?  They are only $20 and every penny of the sale will go towards the New Oven Fund.  They are available outside the Church Office.

We Wish We Could Hang Around but...
Project Concern, the food pantry and clothing bank, desperately needs hangers, especially pants hangers.  If you are able to help, please drop off the hangers on Monday 9am to 6pm and Wednesday and Friday 9am to noon.  Questions? Please call 414-744-0645

Did you know that every Wednesday, at 9:30am & 10:30am, St. John holds a worship service for the residents at Matthews Senior Living Center, 3620 E Denton Ave (9:30a), and 3660 E Denton Ave (10:30a), Saint Francis WI.  Any member wanting to join in is welcome!  Questions?  Please call Roy Lemmer at 414-810-0870.

There are many ways you can get involved.  Volunteer as an Usher, Altar Guild, Serve Coffee, Handyman jobs, Weeding the flower beds, Vacuuming, join a group or board and the list goes on.  (Especially needed: Altar Guild and a Late Service Ushers!)  Please call the Church Office (414-481-0520) if you can to help.

During the Easter season, it is encouraging to see both new and familiar faces at our worship services.  Throughout the year, many of you already support the congregation with your time, talent and financial contributions but greater participation is always welcome.  We encourage you to look into our electronic giving program.  It takes just a few minutes to set up a recurring giving plan. You can give weekly, bimonthly or monthly.  Fill out a Joyful Response form found on the credenza near the church office or contact Anne in the Church Office (M-F, 9a-4p, at 414-481-0520) if you would like more information. Your contributions are used for everything from special projects to basic operating expenses -both support the ministry of the Word.  As the Lord blesses you, your giving is used to bless others. 

If you have something you would like included in the church bulletin, please  send an email to
STJCUD@yahoo.com.  Thank you.