Statements are now available in the narthex in alphabetical order until January 28, when any remaining statements will be mailed.  Please only pick up your own statement, unless you have been specifically asked by an individual for theirs. 
Besides giving through your offering envelopes, we also have an electronic means of contributing called Joyful Response.  This is a “direct deposit” which “automatically” transfers your chosen contribution from your checking or savings account to a St. John account.  There is no cost to you or to our Congregation.  You choose the amount, and the timing of the contribution (weekly, twice monthly, or monthly).  This can be changed or stopped at any time.  Joyful Response saves you time and costs, and keeps your offering regular even when you may not attend worship, and also lessens the work for our volunteer counters and data entry persons.  Questions?  Please speak with Anne in the Church Office (M-F, 9a-4p, 414-481-0520).